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If you have decided are still wondering about how you can purchase and own a NFA item or Suppressor here is a guide that you can follow to get an understanding on the process.

Let's start off with why buying a suppressor or any NFA Item is different from buying a standard firearm. Back in 1936 the National Firearms Act was passed. This was a process in which the ATF were able to regulate the manufacturing and ownership of Machine Guns, Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns. In order to own one of these regulated items you have to pay a tax ($200) and wait for the AFT to do background check

When you decide you want to purchase and own a NFA item you have a few routes you can take to get started. You can create a NFA Gun Trust or be a Individual. There are benefits and downsides to each. As a NFA Gun Trust you can attach more than one person to the trust. Thus allowing them to legally own and use the NFA item without you being there. Another benefit of a NFA Gun Trust is that you can decide what happens to your NFA items once you pass. You can create a NFA Gun Trust in many ways, one such way is 199 Trust: https://199trust.com/

The Benifits of filing for an NFA Item as an Individual Is that it is cheaper and slightly quicker. The downsides are that YOU are the legal owner. No one else can use your NFA Item without your presence. Another downside is when you pass the NFA item no longer has a legal owner. This allows for it to be confiscated and destroyed.

After you decide all of this you get to the fun part. Deciding what NFA item you want. This is fun yet hardest part for some. Finding information on a specific item that you are interested can be quite a chore. It is not like a Firearm.

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